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All installation and maintenance is done by Bev-X. Before making a service request, check below to see the quick solutions to the most common problems.

Service Request Phone: (702) 546-6202

 Soda is coming
out flat. 
  1. Double check to ensure six inches of ice on coldplate. If ice is insufficient, soda will be flat.

  2. Double check your CO2 tanks.
    A full tank should read somewhere between 600 – 700 on the regulator, and 100 – 110 on the PSI.

  3. If your CO2 tank is empty:
    1. Locate the switch-over valve by following the line from the gauge. 

    2. Switch the dial on the switch-over valve to set to the full tank.

    3. After switching to a new tank, you must run 5 pitchers of club soda through the system in order to charge it.

You MUST run 5 pitchers of club soda through the system EACH TIME you switch to a new tank of CO2.

Soda is Flat
Syrup is not dispensing.
  1. Double check syrup box, replace if necessary. Check QCD connection on syrup box.

  2. Ensure CO2 system is full and pressurized properly.  

  3. Make sure all electric cables are plugged in and switched on. Double check electric outlet with 
    another appliance. 


  4. Fill ice bin. If necessary, pack down the ice and ensure the door is properly closed.

No Syrup
Carbonator is
not working. 
  1. Check to ensure the carbonator is plugged into a working electrical outlet. 

  2. If it is plugged into a working outlet, gently shake or bump the unit in order to cause it to cycle. 

  3. If it still does not start, call our service request
    line. (702) 546-6202

Sound of
air escaping. 
  1. If you hear the sound of air when attempting to pour a drink, it is an electrical problem.

  2. Double check the electrical outlet by plugging in another appliance. If it does not work, it is a problem with the circuit breaker.

  3. If it is plugged in to a working outlet, and only air escapes when attempting to pour a drink, call our service request line. (702) 546-6202

Air Sound
Audible noise
from pumps.
  1. Double check that your bag-in-box is properly connected and not empty. Disconnect and reconnect the bag.

  2. If your pump continues to run DISCONNECT IT IMMEDIATELY by removing the gas line. If the pump runs with the gas line connected, it will run until the CO2 tank is empty.

  3. Call our service request line. (702) 546-6202

Loud Pumps
  1. Download the preventative maintenance guide below (PDF).

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